PDT on Ganymede

July 9, 2008

A few weeks back I was thrilled to find out about the new Eclipse 3.4 release codenamed Ganymede (for those who don’t know the codename of the previous release is Europa).

Eclipse Ganymede

Eclipse Ganymede

I was more than happy to see the large amount of new features and improvements, among them speed optimizations and the inclusion of a JavaScript editor with all the whistles and bells attached 😀 (but Aptana Studio Community Edititon still rules the scene in this respect IMHO). My joy was rapidly chilled when I discovered with some surprise (very unpleasant too) that there isn’t a PDT release for Ganymede and the next scheduled release, that hopefully will work out of the box with Ganymede, for PDT is set for September only. I tried to use the update site from Ganymede’s Update Manager with no success (I know this is n00bie behavior 😦 but hope is the last thing abandoned by anyone). After some extensive search using Google Search (Thanks Google) I stumbled across a blog article entitled “Eclipse  Ganymede / PHP / SVN” written by Haydn William in which he blogs, like myself, about the new Eclipse release and also tells about a posting on the  PDT wiki that helps to solve this issue. After reading it I was eager to try it out and !!! miracle !!! it worked without any additional problems, so now I’m the happy user of the new Eclipse Ganymede and PDT. Thank you William for the post and the PDT guys for providing this very useful development tool 🙂 . I hope that this post will be of use to others as William’s blog article was for me.

P.S. I forgot to mention that there are already integration builds of the next PDT release. I recommend using those instead on the nightly build mentioned on the wiki.